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Canon 1063.Pastors of souls are obliged to take care that their ecclesiastical community offers the Christian faithful the assistance by which the matrimonial state is preserved in a Christian spirit and advances in perfection. This assistance must be offered especially by:

1. preaching, catechesis adapted to minors, youth, and adults, and even the use of instruments of social communication, by which the Christian faithful are instructed about the meaning of Christian marriage and about the function of Christian spouses and parents;

2. personal preparation to enter marriage, which disposes the spouses to the holiness and duties of their new state;

3. a fruitful liturgical celebration of marriage which is to show that the spouses signify and share in the mystery of the unity and fruitful love between Christ and the Church;

4. help offered to those who are married, so that faithfully preserving and protecting the conjugal covenant, they daily come to lead holier and fuller lives in their family.
Canon 1064.It is for the local ordinary to take care that such assistance is organized fittingly, after he has also heard men and women proven by experience and expertise if it seems opportune.
Canon 1065.§1. Catholics who have not yet received the sacrament of confirmation are to receive it before they are admitted to marriage if it can be done without grave inconvenience.

§2. To receive the sacrament of marriage fruitfully, spouses are urged especially to approach the sacraments of penance and of the Most Holy Eucharist.
Canon 1066.Before a marriage is celebrated, it must be evident that nothing stands in the way of its valid and licit celebration.
Canon 1067.The conference of bishops is to establish norms about the examination of spouses and about the marriage banns or other opportune means to accomplish the investigations necessary before marriage. After these norms have been diligently observed, the pastor can proceed to assist at the marriage.
Canon 1068.In danger of death and if other proofs cannot be obtained, the affrmation of the contracting parties, even sworn if the case warrants it, that they are baptized and are prevented by no impediment is sufficient unless there are indications to the contrary.
Canon 1069.All the faithful are obliged to reveal any impediments they know about to the pastor or local ordinary before the celebration of the marriage.
Canon 1070.If someone other than the pastor who is to assist at marriage has conducted the investigations, the person is to notify the pastor about the results as soon as possible through an authentic document.
Canon 1071.§1. Except in a case of necessity, a person is not to assist without the permission of the local ordinary at:

1. a marriage of transients;

2. a marriage which cannot be recognized or celebrated according to the norm of civil law;

3. a marriage of a person who is bound by natural obligations toward another party or children arising from a previous union;

4. a marriage of a person who has notoriously rejected the Catholic faith;

5. a marriage of a person who is under a censure;

6. a marriage of a minor child when the parents are unaware or reasonably opposed;

7. a marriage to be entered into through a proxy as mentioned in can. 1105.

§2. The local ordinary is not to grant permission to assist at the marriage of a person who has notoriously rejected the Catholic faith unless the norms mentioned in can. 1125 have been observed with necessary adaptation.
Canon 1072.Pastors of souls are to take care to dissuade youth from the celebration of marriage before the age at which a person usually enters marriage according to the accepted practices of the region.

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