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Canon 1173.In fulfilment of the priestly office of Christ, the Church celebrates the liturgy of the hours, wherein it listens to God speaking to his people and recalls the mystery of salvation. In this way, the Church praises God without ceasing, in song and prayer, and it intercedes with him for the salvation of the whole world.
Canon 1174.§1 Clerics are obliged to recite the liturgy of the hours, in accordance with can. 276, §2, n. 3; members of institutes of consecrated life and of societies of apostolic life are obliged in accordance with their constitutions.

§2 Others also of Christ’s faithful are earnestly invited, according to circumstances, to take part in the liturgy of the hours as an action of the Church.
Canon 1175.In carrying out the liturgy of the hours, each particular hour is, as far as possible, to be recited at the time assigned to it.

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