Canon Text
Canon 1240.§1 Where possible, the Church is to have its own cemeteries, or at least an area in public cemeteries which is duly blessed and reserved for the deceased faithful.

§2 If, however, this is not possible, then individual graves are to be blessed in due form on each occasion.
Canon 1241.§1 Parishes and religious institutes may each have their own cemetery.

§2 Other juridical persons or families may each have their own special cemetery or burial place which, if the local Ordinary judges accordingly, is to be blessed.
Canon 1242.Bodies are not to be buried in churches, unless it is a question of the
Roman Pontiff or of Cardinals or, in their proper Churches, of diocesan Bishops even retired.
Canon 1243.Appropriate norms are to be enacted by particular law for the management of cemeteries, especially in what concerns the protection and the fostering of their sacred character.

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