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Canon 999.The oil to be used in the anointing of the sick can be blessed not only by a
Bishop but also by:

1° those who are in law equivalent to the diocesan Bishop;

2° in a case of necessity, any priest but only in the actual celebration of the sacrament.
Canon 1000.§1 The anointings are to be carried out accurately, with the words and in the order and manner prescribed in the liturgical books. In a case of necessity, however, a single anointing on the forehead, or even on another part of the body, is sufficient while the full formula is recited.

§2 The minister is to anoint with his own hand, unless a grave reason indicates the use of an instrument.
Canon 1001.Pastors of souls and those who are close to the sick are to ensure that the sick are helped by this sacrament in good time.
Canon 1002.The communal celebration of anointing of the sick, for a number of the sick together, who have been appropriately prepared and are rightly disposed, may be held in accordance with the regulations of the diocesan Bishop.

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