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Canon 1405.
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§1. It is solely the right of the Roman Pontiff himself to judge in the cases mentioned in can. 1401:

1. those who hold the highest civil office of a state;

2. cardinals;

3. legates of the Apostolic See and, in penal cases, bishops;

4. other cases which he has called to his own judgment.

§2. A judge cannot review an act or instrument confirmed specifically (*in forma specifica*) by the Roman Pontiff without his prior mandate.

§3. Judgment of the following is reserved to the Roman Rota:

1. bishops in contentious matters, without prejudice to the prescript of can. 1419, §2;

2. an abbot primate or abbot superior of a monastic congregation and a supreme moderator of religious institutes of pontifical right;

3. dioceses or other physical or juridic ecclesiastical persons which do not have a superior below the Roman Pontiff.

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