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Canon 543.
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§1 Each of the priests to whom the care of a parish or of a number of parishes together is jointly entrusted, is bound to fulfil the duties and functions of a parish priest mentioned in cann. 528, 529 and 530. They are to do this according to a plan determined among themselves. The faculty to assist at marriages, and all the faculties to dispense which are given to a parish priest by virtue of the law itself, belong to all, but are to be exercised under the direction of the moderator.

§2 All the priests who belong to the group:

1° are bound by the obligation of residence;

2° are by common counsel to establish an arrangement by which one of them celebrates the Mass for the people, in accordance with can. 534.

3° [2]in juridical affairs, only the moderator acts in the person of the parish or parishes entrusted to the group.

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